The project land is located within the boundaries of the Çankaya district of Ankara, capital city of Turkey.

Brief information about the Çankaya district:

  1. It is the center of the Turkish Government and houses all ministries and public enterprises.
  2. It is the district with the highest population in Turkey.
  3. It is the district that homes the highest number of university in Turkey.
  4. It is the district where the housing prices are the highest in Ankara.
  5. Thanks to the strategic location of your land, your investment has high revenue-generating potential.

The project land is located on the junction point of the exiting roads and the main roads under construction. Thanks to these roads, it will be possible to reach all parts of the city in a short period of time without getting stuck in traffic. The prices of lands are expected to significantly increase when the construction of roads is completed.

In the vicinity of the project land, the construction of a large pond will be completed soon. It will fill up and be one of the largest ponds in the city. The values of lands surrounding this pond are expected to significantly increase in the near future.

In the vicinity of the project land, the construction of the luxury residential project with 2300 villas, one of the biggest holdings in Turkey will be started soon. The value of lands located in this region is expected to significantly increase upon the completion of this project.

The project land is within walking distance of the Beynam Forrest, the largest natural forrest in the city. Any kind of social and sports activities can be made here in touch with nature. Also, it contains picnic areas and recreation areas.