The building cooperatives in Turkey build up new living spaces by developing luxury residential projects under state supervision and within the framework of applicable laws with the purpose of meeting the need of high-quality and affordable residence.

S.S. Çankaya Prestij Residential Building Cooperative based in Ankara, capital of Turkey, now realizes the ARSA ÇANKAYA investment project. With this project, it is planned to build up new and luxury living spaces on a land of about 3,000,000m2 in the Çankaya district of Ankara.

As a member and shareholder of the co-operative, you can share in the high return on investment of this project. Thus, you can have a high-yield luxury housing between 2027-2029 in return for your initial low investment.

The projected completion time of this project is 8 to 10 years as from 2019. The value of your share will significantly increase as each stage is completed.

The four stages of the project are described in detail in the next menu pages. The estimated value increase rates of your share at the end of these stages are given.